This system is almost out of prototype phase and I am currently working on getting production up and running as well as advertising and better images etc. The goal is to be ready to sell by the end of July 2019. The price will likely be $550 plus shipping. If you would like to pre-order or would like a call or email when the product is ready please call 801-201-8566 or email Turner's Auto using the contact form below or email with the Subject as "Jeep 1 Ton".

This system brings the drag link and track bar into the same angle and almost identical lengths so as your axle articulates the steering system is pulling on the axle at the same rate as the track bar thus keeping the wheel pointed exactly where you put them. The old Y link system has the angles right but the drag link is about 8 inches longer than the track bar, causing the track bar and drag link to travel along different arcs as the axle articulates, this is what causes bump steer. The less similar the angles and length of the track bar and drag link the more bump steer there is. The Chrysler Y link system also fails to link the front wheels together directly, as more weight is put into the vehicle this causes the wheels to toe outward and as the axle drops the wheels toe inward, causing all kinds of radical movements as the vehicle traverses bumps and depressions. The Turner's Cherokee 1 ton steering solution fixes all of this!

The Stock Y link steering system is garbage, every other bolt on system either just makes the garbage steering system heavier or ruins the steering angles even more. The solution is here! Turner's Off Road Solutions Jeep Cherokee 1 Ton Steering system is the answer. 

The best Jeep Cherokee 1 ton steering system almost on the market!

Eliminates bump steer

Places steering assembly above axle

Uses off the shelf easy to acquire 1 ton GM tie rod ends (all 3 the same part number)

Corrects the steering system disaster that Chrysler made (eliminates Bump Steer)

Fits in original wheels, does not require larger rims.