3500 LBS Axle and lower prices:

$90 - Repack and/or wheel bearing replacement per axle (2 wheels) this includes new inner wheel seals and grease

$90 - If you need new bearings and races, this is the added price per axle (2 wheels) this includes new cups, inner and outer bearings and races

$250 - $500 for a new axle installed - please call for a quote as there are many axle widths and options 

Turner's Auto Repair services trailers and RV's for automotive needs! 

If while towing your trailer or when the wheel is rotated in the air you can hear the bearing making noise then it's likely you will need new bearings, not just a grease service. If you have a wheel flopping around then the spindle is probably chewed up and you will need a new axle as spindles are not serviceable. if one or both tires is wearing on the inside then the axle shaft is bent probably due to fatigue or overloading and you will likely need a new axle. 

I also do electrical an welding work on trailers and vehicles!