Turner’s Auto Repair guarantees all it’s labor free from defects and will fix any problems free of

charge that are a result of improper workmanship.

All part warranties are determined by the distributor’s warranty on said products

Extended Labor  Warranties:
Limited two year free labor warranty on defective parts.  Warranty applicability is determined before or at time of service by Turner’s Auto Repair and is marked on the invoice.  Turner’s Auto Repair reserves the right to deny warranties for extenuating circumstances with vehicle.  (such as a car accident directly damaging a warrantied component)

How Extended Labor warranties work:
 There are no additional charges to receive extended labor warranties.  The warranties are at the responsibility of Turner's Auto Repair.  You might ask you self why or how I do this when most shops don't?  The answer is I only use high quality parts.  I know what brands work and which ones tend to fail due to my years of experience in the field.  

Why wouldn't I give an extended warranty to everything I do?  A good example would be a lifted truck or SUV needing some heavy front end work.  A high lift on such a vehicle is significantly hard on all front end components and it would not be surprising if those components went out in short time no matter what brand I used.  However if I installed the same component on a similar truck or SUV that did not have a lift, those components would be warrantied.